The destination of the marriage registration differs depending on whether the other Korean is living in Japan or Korea.

It doesn’t matter whether you go through the procedure in Japan or South Korea first, but here we will explain the case where you first go through the procedure in Japan.

1. Submit the marriage registration to the municipal office where you are registered as a resident of Japan or the office of your registered domicile.

Basic documents to be submitted (Please check in advance as it depends on the government office)

  • Marriage-related certificate (issued by the Korean embassy, ​​translation in Japanese is required)
  • Basic certificate (issued by the Korean embassy, ​​translation in Japanese is required)
  • Marriage registration at the counter Identity verification documents (driver’s license and passport) with a photo of the person submitting the document
  • If it is not the city hall of the registered domicile, a copy of the Japanese family register
  • Marriage registration (2 witnesses over 20 years old (including foreigners) Yes) Please note that there is an entry field.
2. If your Korean spouse lives in Japan, you will be notified of your marriage at the Korean embassy in Japan, and if you live in Korea, you will be notified of your marriage at the Korean government office.

Documents to be submitted may be required in addition to this depending on the submission destination and revision of the law, so please check in advance

  • Marriage acceptance certificate (issued by Japanese city hall, Korean translation required)
  • Family relationship certificate (issued by Korean embassy or Korean city hall. Corresponds to the copy of the family register before the January 2008 revision. )
  • Two people’s seal

After completing the above procedures, it is legally recognized that the two are married.

If you want to live together as a couple in Japan, you need to complete the above procedures and then apply for a visa (status of residence) at the Immigration Bureau.
If the other Korean is already resident in Japan, you will need to change your visa from study abroad or work visa (there are various types) to a Japanese spouse.

If you live outside of Japan, you will need to go through the procedure for obtaining a certificate issued by the Immigration Bureau called “Certificate of Eligibility” and obtain a visa called “Japanese spouse, etc.” is needed.