The procedure for international marriage may start from the procedure in Japan or the procedure in the partner country, but in the case of marriage between a Japanese and a Brazilian, it is necessary to complete the procedure in both countries in Japan. It’s easy and easy to do, so let’s start with the flow of marriage procedures from Japan first.

* Required documents vary depending on the government office, so be sure to check with the government office in advance!

◆ When you go through the marriage procedure first from Japan

1. 1. Brazilians

prepare a birth certificate (within 6 months from issuance) and two adult witnesses to obtain a certificate of fulfillment of marriage requirements (single certificate ), and the Brazilian embassy or consulate in Japan ( You can get it by going to Tokyo, Nagoya, or Shizuoka) yourself.

* Witnesses will be certified by a passport if the person is Brazilian, and by a signature certified by the notary public office if the other person is a witness.

2. 2. Submit a marriage registration to the municipal office where Japanese residents are registered

[Required documents]

  • Marriage registration
  • A copy of the family register of a Japanese person (not required if the notification is made to the city hall of the registered domicile)
  • Brazilian Certificate of Marriage Requirements for Marriageand Passport for Brazilians

3. 3. Report marriage to the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate General in Japan

[Required Documents]

  • Certificate of Acceptance of Marriage
  • Certificate of Marriage Notification and a copy of the attached documents submitted to the city hall
  • A copy of the family register after the registration of marriage (Those within 6 months from issuance)
  • Identification card for two people (passport, driver’s license, etc.)

Next, I will explain the flow of the marriage procedure in Brazil first.

◆ When marrying from Brazil first

1. Japanese people are required to submit the following documents mainly to obtain a certificate of fulfillment of marriage requirements (certificate of singleness) .

If you obtain it from the Embassy of Japan or Consulate in Brazil instead of Japan, you can submit it as it is because it is written in Portuguese.
* When translating, it is necessary to translate into Portuguese by a certified translator.

2.Certification at a notary office

Two of the parties will accompany the two witnesses and submit them directly to the notary’s office, which has jurisdiction over the residence of Brazilians certified by the notary’s office (Cartorio) .

3. The announcement to apply for a “marriage announcement” at the city hall of the place of marriage will be

published in the newspaper for about a month, and the wedding will be held after that.
It takes about 1 to 2 months from the application for public notice to the end of publication.

[Required documents]

  • Identification card (passport and driver’s license) of the two parties to marry
  • Certificate of fulfillment of marriage requirements certified by
  • Japanese people ・ Family register copy of Japanese people (certification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and (With translation)
  • Birth certificate for Brazilians

* There is also an area of ​​90 days.
* All signatures must be certified by Registro de Notas.

4. Hold a wedding ceremony and obtain a marriage certificate at the city hall

* Oaths and ring exchanges will be made at the notary public office.
* Two witnesses must be present at the time of application.
* All signatures must be certified by Registro de Notas.

5. Submit a “marriage registration” at the Japanese embassy or consulate in Brazil, or at the municipal office in Japan

Translate two copies of each of the Brazilian identification card and marriage certificate into Japanese, and within 3 months Japan Notify the embassy or consulate.

[Required documents]

  • Marriage registration
  • A copy of the family register after the marriage registration (within 6 months from issuance)
  • Birth certificate or ID card (with Japanese translation ) of the Brazilian person
  • Address certificate of the submitter (with Japanese translation) Resident’s card, etc.)
  • Identification card of the submitter (passport, driver’s license, etc.)