About our service

The most important service we can offer to our clients in the visa procedure is to make their life together as soon as possible. This is our motto.

In order to achieve this, we need to obtain a visa.

In other words, “the realization of married life as soon as possible” means “the approval of a visa as soon as possible”.

What we do is to obtain a visa for your spouse “quickly” and “reliably”.

Of course, we cannot promise 100% certainty, unless we are the arbiter of approval or refusal.

However, we are proud of the fact that more than 99% of the more than one hundred applications we receive each year are granted in the best possible way, thanks to the vast number of cases we have accumulated and the experience of our staff.

We are confident that if you choose us from among the many administrative scrivener firms, we will exceed your expectations.

It is not enough to say “it didn’t work out”, you have to make the right choice.

About our money-back guarantee plan

Because we handle so many applications, we take full responsibility for each and every case we take on.

If your application is rejected, we will first check with the Immigration Officer to determine the cause of the rejection, and if it is possible to reapply, we will reapply (or in some cases, re-apply) free of charge.

In the event that we are unable to grant you permission after re-applying, we will refund you 30,000 yen as an inconvenience fee in addition to the fee we have received. (*)

There has never been a case where we have actually had to refund money.

This system is not only for the financial security of our clients, but also as a sign of our determination and confidence in dealing with each client.

(*) We may not be able to offer a refund or 30,000 yen cash back if your application is rejected due to your own reasons or responsibility.

Price menu

Substitute contentReward amount (excluding tax)Remarks
Visa application procedure to bring a marriage partner residing in a foreign country to Japan after marriage99,500 yenApplication for Certificate of Eligibility
The foreigner of the other party already resides in Japan with some kind of visa, and the visa change procedure for marriage109,800 yenApplication for permission to change status of residence (visa) A separate stamp fee of 4,000 yen is required.
Procedure for renewing the period of stay if you are still married44,800 yen〜A separate stamp fee of 4,000 yen is required. If there are any changes from the previous application, we will quote separately.
The foreigner of the other party has been overstayed or has entered the country illegally, but the procedure for getting married and staying in Japan legally198,000 yen〜This is the procedure for obtaining a special residence permit. The amount will change depending on the situation, so we will quote in advance.
Interview (We will do it at our office, but in the case of the Kanto area except for some areas, it is possible to visit at the actual cost only)7,000 yenIf you request it, it will be applied to the cost, so it is practically free.

◆ The agency fee of our office includes all of the document preparation fee, transportation fee, shipping fee, communication fee, daily allowance, etc. (However, a separate translation fee is required when translating sentences in a foreign language).

◆ It may take a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 4 months from the time you apply for a visa to the time you get permission from the Immigration Bureau.

◆ No matter how many times you consult with us, it’s free of charge from the time you receive your request until you get permission.