When marrying a Vietnamese, it is possible to complete the marriage procedure in both countries only by the procedure in Japan . In this case, it is not necessary to go back and forth between Vietnam and Japan many times, and the procedure on the Japanese side can be done by one Japanese person.

Here, I will explain how to marry a Vietnamese person only in Japan.

◆ Flow of marriage procedure in Japan

1. Obtain a “Certificate of Eligibility for Marriage” from the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan.

In order to have this document issued, you will need a certificate of the municipality of residence certifying that you are currently single and a notarized birth certificate.

2. Submit the marriage registration at the municipal office.

Required documents

Marriage requirement certificate and its Japanese translation, Japanese family register copy (not required when submitting to the same office as the registered domicile), Japanese seal, Vietnamese birth certificate
(Required documents depending on the office) Please be sure to check with the government office in advance as it may differ.)

3. Obtain the documents from the government office where you submitted the marriage registration.

In order to receive it, you will need a “marriage registration certificate” or a “copy of family register” stating that you have been married (it will take about 10 days from the procedure until the fact of marriage is recorded in the family register).

4. Submit the marriage registration acceptance certificate or family register obtained in step 3 to the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan.

After the procedure, you will be able to obtain a “marriage acceptance report certificate” indicating that the marriage procedure on the Vietnamese side has been completed .

If you want to live together as a couple in Japan after completing the above procedures, you will need to apply for a visa (status of residence) at the Immigration Bureau.

At that time, acquired in the 3 “marriage fact of the listed family register” , acquired in the 4 “marriage acceptance report certificate” and the Japanese translation for you becomes necessary, let’s keep it in a safe place.